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Virtual Open Day – Hall Green School

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Documentary Video, Schools and Education, Short Film

“Raphael was great to work with. He managed to capture the essence of our school and produced a video of which we are really proud.  A very professional end product.

Shelley Paxton-Gault

Assistant Headteacher, Hall Green School

Virtual Open Days for schools and colleges are becoming more and more popular especially since the Covid 19 pandemic.

Hall Green School chose to have a virtual open day this year and subsequently, asked me to produce a film for the school website.  It illustrates the school ethos of ‘learning together and shaping the future’.  As a result, prospective students and parents are given a great introduction to the Hall Green School family. 

Shelley Paxton-Gault – Assistant Headteacher, worked diligently to put together a varied schedule with lots of exposure to Hall Green School life.  As well as teaching staff, two Parent Governors gave their experiences having had their children educated at the school.  Mr Kelly spoke of his experience training at the school through the University of Birmingham.  He is now a fully qualified P.E. teacher and the newest staff member.  Some student ambassadors feature too, giving an insight into the student empowerment that is in sharp focus at Hall Green School. 

I always enjoy working in the school environment. The pupils keep me on my toes with their quips and fast humour.  It’s also quite amusing seeing how many give way to nervous giggles as soon as they find themselves in front of the camera! So much for the selfie generation!

You can view the final film “Our Warm Welcome” below.


Generally, in-person Open Days are how parents and students find the best school for themselves. They can interview teachers and students, and inspect the school, walking through its grounds.  In the aftermath of Covid 19, however, the “new normal” may very well include film as an essential addition to in-person visits. 

Why do I say this? Well, firstly, the efficacy of film as a powerful medium for communication is undisputed.  It can convey a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time.  Secondly, when loaded to your school website, it is accessible 24 hours a day.  Interested students or parents can review aspects of the school at any time. 

Finally, a produced film means the experience, is not restricted to a few evenings in the first two months of a new school year.  To hold extra in-person events a school would encounter additional costs and time out of normal school hours for staff.  But, this is all avoided when a film is available at the click of a button. 


Below, I have listed a few ideas for schools to consider for their future virtual open days.  Although, some of these can be taken on in-house, as most schools have the equipment to produce them, I offer all of these as part of my professional services.

  • A Virtual Tour of your school premises using Matterport – a superior 3d platform that converts your space into a wonderfully interactive, high-quality digital twin. There are many features that can be added.  For example, you can add descriptive text fields and 360 panoramas
  • An “Introduction to Our School” a film by your Head Teacher or including a member of your Leadership Team 
  • “One day in the life of..” These can focus on ones associated with the school, such as a new pupil, new Teacher, a Mentor, a School Ambassador or a Head Pupil
  • “Where we are now..” A short film of past students who have left the school and what they have gone on to achieve afterwards
  • Parent Governor Testimonials
  • Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) submission

In conclusion, the options to make a Virtual Open Day varied, interesting and something to be proud of, are many.   Of course, if you are planning one for your school, then, I would certainly love to be a part of it!  You can contact me at any point to enquire about prices or similarly, to discuss the ideas that are the best fit for telling YOUR story.  

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