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Studio Portraits 

Studio Portraits







Studio portraits are something I really enjoy shooting.   My Modern Portrait sessions, focus attention on growth and individual beauty.  We are all subject to the twists and turns of life.  Usually, after we have achieved something or have overcome an unexpected challenge, we uncover hidden strengths or undefined talents – that we never knew we had.  That discovery can do wonders for our self-esteem, give us a renewed sense of who we are and an acknowledgment of what we are capable of.  

Of course time keeps moving forward and we slowly change as we move with it.  I often think of images caught in portraits as visual milestones on our personal voyage to maturity.  

I shoot these sessions out of my studio in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.  However, it is possible to reserve an environmental shoot at a location special to you. 

We often come across better on camera when we are relaxed, so I aim to make the shoots as fun as possible, while at the same time ensuring the images you receive are beautiful and simple. 

A sitting fee of £195.00 covers the shoot itself, up to 5 wardrobe changes, and either three 7×10 matted prints and their corresponding Jpegs or five edited Jpegs.  Beautiful minimalist leather Graphistudio portfolios feature, as well as Leather Reveal boxes for matted prints and acrylic wall art.  Modern legacy products that you will love!

Birmingham Portrait Photographer 06 - Portraits

Studio Products

StudioPortraitsRLP056 - Portraits



Prints are available in either glossy HD with vibrant colours, or deep touch matte HD, a silky paper with a wonderful feel and appearance.  These are superior quality prints due to them capturing the full Adobe RGB colour space.  The longevity of these prints are certified at 300 years by the JEITA institute.   

All prints are framed in an elegant pure cotton mat, in black or white.  This means your prints will stand out with an artistic flair, exuding quality and sophistication with every image.   

StudioPortraitsRLP053 scaled - Portraits
StudioPortraitsRLP052 scaled - Portraits
StudioPortraitsRLP050 scaled - Portraits


The Treasure Collection has options ranging from 5 to 30 matted prints, encased in a storytelling timeless, real Italian leather folio box.  This can be in black or white and detailed with a personal engraving.  



The Cherish Collection contains three options of 5,10 or 20 matted prints in a real Italian leather reveal box.  This has a transparent plexiglass window that allows the top print to be “revealed”.  At any given moment the image may be changed to another in the box.  A great option for keeping all of your favourite prints from your shoot and displaying them on a shelf or bookcase in your home.

StudioPortraitsRLP054 scaled - Portraits
StudioPortraitsRLP064 scaled - Portraits






A wall portrait with a series of 9 of your favourite prints from your portrait session. These feature in a large mat and available in portrait or landscape. 

StudioPortraitsRLP057 - Portraits
THisisMEportraitAlison2 - Portraits

This is Me – Alison – E 

ThisisMEMichelleD011bc - Portraits

This is Me – Michelle D

Modern Portraits  0016 - Portraits

A Modern Portrait – The Don 

Studio Portrait 0002 - Portraits

Studio Shoot – Lufuidy Paxi 

Male Portraits 0006 - Portraits

Male Portraits – Shaun Lakha

Let me tell your story!

As a Birmingham Portrait Photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and telling personal stories.   If this is important to you, I would love to hear from you!


Feel free to contact me on the button below or if you are in the Jewellery Quarter, let me know and perhaps you can pop in for a coffee and chat!

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