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Studio Portrait Shoot – Lufuidy Paxi

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Modern Portraiture

The Studio Portrait shoot for Lufuidy began with a little confession that she was expecting not to like ANY of the photographs we would produce!  Although I love a challenge, that was a sobering thought!

But, undeterred, I set about detailing the way I shoot and covering off how she would be directed.  I use mirroring as an approach to posing, which helps my clients with movement and concepts.  I find that it also, helps to relax people as they end up laughing with me as I demonstrate some of the instructions! It makes for a noisy session, but it’s a great noise, lots of laughing!

I assured Lufuidy that as she had seen in my folio, I shoot natural images and for this reason, I was sure her expectations would be exceeded! 

Capturing her personality

Things went well. Lufuidy was a little apprehensive, however, she did relax and I could sense it, as she started to have fun, joking around and pulling faces.  We ran through three wardrobe changes and four different sets, over roughly two hours.

As a result the images were great.  Feel free to reach out to me to find out about a Portrait shoot in the studio and we can discuss ideas and availability over the phone or on zoom.  In conclusion, I will allow Lufuidy  a voice from her review!

If you are someone who is camera shy and doesn’t really like their picture being taken then this is the place to go. I was adamant that I wasn’t going to have a good time and that the pictures wouldn’t come out nice. How I was proven wrong.

The pictures came out amazing. The one I posted on Instagram is now my most liked. The shoot was so much fun. Was made to feel comfortable and my personality definitely came through in the photos!!

Lufuidy Paxi

Studio Portrait of subject against a white scrim backdrop with a studio flash from behind. Subject smiles to the camera as she plays with her canerows
Female portrait subject against a copper metallic backdrop, smiles to camera with diffused studio shoot flash illuminating her from front left
Studio Portrait - This is Me Portraits Subject turns to the camera amid a metallic Copper finished backdrop
Portrait shoot subject laughs she she strokes her canerows while facing to camera, as a fan blows her traditional dress around
Playful antics, as female subject overemphasizes her readiness to camea
A really natural genuine laugh from a modern portrait studio shoot of a female in a traditional african dress for Raphael Lionel Photography
Female subject in traditional african dress plays to camera and enjoys her studio shoot at RLP studios jewellery quarter
Leaning on a studio stool, female subject laughs during a shoot at RLP jewellery quarter
Moody seated pose from a modern portrait "this is ME" shoot
LAugh out loud shot from a studio shoot at Raphael Lionel Photography studios Birmingham
Another shot of a female subject on a modern portrait shoot responding to Photographers instructions and humours directing
Another shot of a female subject on a modern portrait
Modern Portraiture shot from a This is me studio shoot for Portrait Photographer Raphael Lionel Photography

For Photographers – Setting up a Studio Portrait look

 Here are my details for shooting Lufuidy in her eye-catching Kenyan print dress against a black seamless.

Standing Lufuidy about 5ft from a black seamless I set up two studio flashes to feather the light in front of her.   With a parabolic to her left, shooting 45-degrees from left to right, I added a second umbrella, similarly, in front of her. This, however, was to her righthand side, feathering light from right to left.

Jay assisted me for this shoot and her positioned close to the floor in front of Lufuidy meant she controlled the hairdryer.  The warm air was directed up towards Lufuidy, while she moved from left to right.  Her dress vividly colourful, would further animate with the movement and it sure enough, took on a life of its own!  The top piece, flipped back and forth, to reveal the yellow lining which contrasted brilliantly against the traditional print.

I talked Lufuidy through her end poses as she twirled from left to right.  I wanted her to be conscious about ensuring her movement was complete at the extreme point of each twirl.  It worked and I feel, the final images speak for themselves. 

In conclusion, my camera settings for this shoot were: FujiFilm X-T3, XF16-55mm F9, 1/160 sec, ISO 1250.

The Portrait Masters Bronze award image of Don, having a good old chuckle in front of the camera, holding his chest, bearing his teeth, eyes closed
Just Don
Business Cards and Flyers
Welcome to the Studio
A still from the Raphael Lionel Photography shooting male portraits, an action shot of a male subject, leaning up against a wall, turning to the camera

Male Portraits – Shaun Lakha

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