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In short, I love telling stories.

I remember reading dictionaries before bed.  Now that may seem strange, as there were no pictures in those, but the words.. they painted the pictures by their thousands.

My love for photography started when I had a Minolta Instamatic handed down to me from my sister.  It was oblong, black and straight-up 80’s retro!  With it, I became the documenter. When my friends and I got together I was always the one snapping away and as a result I had a wall in my bedroom with pictures galore of places we had been and people we had met.  A wall of experiences, with myself, telling stories.

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What I chose
At school I developed film images in the dark room and around the same time I wrote the storyboard, shot and edited a music video.  I won’t detail what the  choreography was like as it was the early 90s! My interest in telling stories through visual images was clear.  However, photography  ironically, wasn’t in my focus.  As a result I got involved in another interest of mine, travel.  I ended up working for a Corporate Business Travel Firm for 20 years.  Working ‘in’ travel enabled me ‘to’ travel and my camera captured my stories.
What I changed

In 2011 I started to contemplate seriously turning what was a consistent interest for me into a career.  My love for telling stories of one kind or another, was undeniable.  So I began building up my equipment, eventually purchasing two Canon 5d mk ii’s and a variety of lenses.  I collaborated with an award winning West Midlands wedding photographer, who is also a friend of mine and acted as second shooter.  Eventually I shot my own weddings, having sufficiently built up my experience.  More recently I changed my camera equipment to Fuji and today, shoot on two Fuji bodies and a combination of zoom and prime lenses.

Leaving my corporate role, I am now committed to my own journey, which, I guess I really started all those years ago…capturing memories and putting them up on my wall.

Actually, even before that, reading a dictionary by sidelight… preparing to be able to tell stories. Let me tell yours! RaphaelLionelPhotographyLogo 300x154 - About MeSWPP 300x114 - About Me find a wedding photographer w - About Me

Storytelling Wedding Photographer Faq
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Are you insured?
Yes! I believe this is an essential requirement as a photographer.  I have public liability insurance and also professional indemnity insurance.
Do you Travel?
Yes! I am willing to shoot anywhere in the uk as well as internationally.  Being based in the west midlands, anything outside 40 miles is subject to a ‘fee per mile’ charge.  For international requests, air travel and accomodation is normally required.
Do you have a Mini-me?
Unfortunately no – I don’t have a clone! But an additional photographer can be arranged for a fee of £250.00.  My ‘ROMANTIC‘ package does include two photographers, however all other packages are subject to the aforementioned fee.
So can I book without meeting you over the phone or via email?
Respectfully, would you book your wedding venue without seeing it in person??  I really do feel that my involvement with your day is so important, we have to meet each other before you can really be confident choosing me as your storytelling wedding photographer.   I like to arrange a face to face after the first contact to discuss your expectations as bride and groom as well as officially introducing myself and sharing some examples of my work.  With time (and coffee), questions can be answered, answers can be clarified,  experience can be shared and friendships can be made.  After our meet up if our dates align and you wish to proceed, I can share with you a booking form and you will be asked to complete, return and pay the non refundable £250.00 retention fee.  This must be paid to secure your date.  Then all outstanding fees agreed must be paid in full 14 days before your wedding.
Do you offer discounts for weddings on a weekday?
Yes I do, generally this works out to be around 20 percent of your chosen package price.
When will I get my images?
Usually you will get your images within 14 days of your vow.  I will always inform you of the timeframe for having your images edited beforehand.  After your wedding day I will communicate progress periodically.  There may be exceptionally busy times when I will advise a slightly longer turnaround. As a storytelling wedding photographer, taking the time out to ensure the story is told right is key.

Let me tell your story!

As a storytelling wedding photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and love using modern photography to detail personal stories of love, romance, family and friendships. I am a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a confidante. So I know love, romance, family and friendships.  


As your photographer, let me tell YOUR story!

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