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Foot Kindness Business Owner Michelle Diedrick ‘this is ME’

Portrait Shoot Birmingham – Foot Kindness Owner Michelle Diedrick

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Business Promo, Lifestyle, Modern Portraiture | 1 comment

Michelle runs a mobile foot health business, called Foot Kindness.  She spent some time with me, to shoot some images and video for the promotion of her business.  Whilst covering some important aspects to her role as a qualified foot health practitioner, Michelle described the key attractions her personal service for feet brings.

Foot Kindness – Michelle Diedrick Interview 

Tell me about your company name  ‘The ethos behind the company name Foot Kindness is to highlight the importance of being kind to our feet.  Neglecting the health of our feet could, worst case scenario, impact on our emotional and mental wellbeing.   I really wanted to give emphasis to the fact that we should all take our feet seriously.  Sadly our feet are often the most neglected parts of our body. Unknown to many, both feet combined, make up 25% of the body’s bones, 18% of the joints and 6% of the muscles.  So it’s clearly important that we look after the health of our feet.”

What makes Foot Kindness different? “I offer a personal, friendly mobile service – with a range of foot care treatments, including a gentle foot massage.  Where appropriate, clients are advised on ways to prevent future foot problems.  I have Public Liability insurance which gives my customers peace of mind.  My service is provided in the comfort of their own home, as well as in community settings such as; nursing homes, residential homes, sheltered accommodation and extra-care schemes.  My clients are people of all ages.”

Can you describe what a treatment consists of? “The first session features an initial assessment, gathering information on your medical history.  I then follow up with advice and recommended treatment.  I pride myself on providing high quality foot care.  Support is given with; nail cutting difficulties, corns, calluses, verruca’s, reduction of thickened toenails, ingrown toenails, athletes foot, bunions and fungal infections.  I also give advice on appropriate footwear and ways to prevent future foot problems. I use only natural skin products on my clients as a lot of people today struggle with sensitive skin.  Many products on the market leave skin feeling dry, red and sore.   Many of us are health conscious and think carefully about what we put into our bodies.  But going beyond food and drink, I find many are unaware of the fact that our skin is very absorbent and things we apply to it can also be absorbed into our bodies.   The phrase is true – ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!‘  Natural and organic skincare products are also better for the environment, which we should all care about.  Some request essential oils and although I do accomodate, I don’t promote as this can cause a reaction with some skin types.”

What advice would you give to readers now?

  1. Keep your feet clean and dry – As with any part of your body, healthy feet start with good hygiene.  While bathing, thoroughly clean your feet with soap and water.  After bathing, be sure to fully dry them, especially between each toe, as fungal organisms love moisture.  Keeping your feet dry helps to lower the possibility of a fungal infection.  Wearing clean dry socks is essential.  Also it would be good to avoid sharing footwear, as wearing other people’s shoes can increase your odds of getting an infection.
  2. Check your feet regularly – Look for peeling of the skin which can indicate athletes foot.  Be sure to look for cuts, blisters, redness and swelling as catching these early can prevent serious complications later.  Also check for discolouration of the toenails which often indicates a nail fungus.  Avoid putting nail varnish on discoloured nails.
  3. Wear the right footwear – Always wear sports specific shoes for the sport you are participating in.   If shoe shopping, try to shop at the end of the day to compensate for foot swelling which may occur throughout the day.  Wearing tight shoes can result in long term foot problems so ensure you are purchasing shoes that have plenty of room for your toes and have a wide heel.
  4. If you are diabetic, get regular foot checks – Circulatory problems can result from diabetes, because it clogs up small blood vessels in your feet.  A less then optimal blood supply can inhibit wound healing.  Wounds found on the feet of a diabetic must be treated more aggressively than those who are not diabetic.’

Michelle Diedrick – Qualified Foot Health Practitioner –


Portrait Shoot – this is ME

We then shot a ‘this is ME’ Portrait shoot as show below.   Enjoy!

Portrait Shoot licensed music provided by SL Productions.

Portrait of young girl looking direct to camera side lit with cane rowed plaits

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