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"this is ME" - Portraits

My Portrait Collections, begin with “this is ME” focusing attention on your individual growth and an acknowledgement of who YOU are.  We are all subject to the twists and turns of life.  It is usually after we have achieved something or have overcome an unexpected challenge that we uncover hidden strengths or undefined talents – that we never knew we had.  That discovery can  engender a renewed sense of self, and an acceptance of being. 

Of course time keeps moving forward and we slowly change as we move with it.  I often think of images caught in portraits as visual milestones in our personal voyage to maturity.  

I shoot portraits generally in natural light but some additional lighting may be added when necessary.

We often come across better on camera when we are relaxed, so I aim to make the shoots as fun as possible, while at the same time ensuring the images you receive are beautiful and simple. 

Wardrobe changes are key as different looks reflect different shades of your personality. 

A sitting fee of £200.00 covers the shoot itself, 5 wardrobe changes and £100 towards prints and products.  Beautiful minimalist leather Graphistudio portfolios feature, as well as Leather Reveal boxes for matted prints and acrylic wall art.  Modern legacy products that you will love!

Portraits - Fusion Shoots

Fusion portraits are available at cost.  These include a longer portrait session indoor with an outside location shot in 4k or 1080 Video.

Fusion shoots are edited with licensed music and therefore can be uploaded to social media or used as you see fit.

These are excellent for commemorating a life changing event.  They can easily be sent as a keepsake to a loved one.  They are also fantastic to look back on time and again!


THisisMEportraitAlison2 - Portraits

this is ME

Alison E

ThisisMEMichelleD011bc - Portraits

this is ME

Michelle D 

Let me tell your story!

As a storytelling wedding photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and love using modern photography to detail personal stories of love, romance, family and friendships.  

I am a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a confidante. So I know love, romance, family and friendships. 


As your photographer, let me tell YOUR story!

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