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Welcome to the Studio!

Raphael Lionel Photography Studio       

Mary Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Welcome to the Photography Studio!

You can find my Photography Studio on Mary Street, in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham!   It’s a wonderful airy space with high ceilings throughout, and a large shoot area, that I absolutely love!  Perfect for photographing large groups, it’s also good for getting creative when shooting!

I shoot modern portraits here for individuals, families and couples.  Additionally I shoot Headshots, with a variety of backdrops and light setups available.

Let me show you around!

Raphael Lionel Photography Studio 1
Feet up in the Reveal Room
The Reveal Wall - Raphael Lionel Photography

The Reveal Wall

The Studio is divided up into three spaces.

 First, is my ‘Reveal Room’.  It has a number of attractive examples of my work.  I use this room for my face to face consultations.   In the current climate, with the need for “social distancing’ indoors, there is no problem here!

The walls hold samples of my wall art which are all provided by GraphiStudio.  I love the high-quality of these imported Italian products.   In addition, the real leather folio boxes, can be picked up, held and felt. Seeing the detailing and the quality of these, really helps, when considering my print collections.

Usually, about 2 weeks after a Portrait shoot, a ‘Reveal Session’ is held in this room.  I invite my clients back in to view their printed images which I display on my “Reveal Wall”.  Then begins the impossible task of clients choosing which products to purchase and take home or order to future delivery!


The Cherish Collection Reveal Box
The Reveal wall holds your shoot prints - Raphael Lionel Photography
View your images on the Reveal Wall after your shoot session -


Some of my wedding albums are also, on display for couples to view as they consider my wedding photography collections.

In the adjoining second room, I have a small setup which is a dedicated space, for hair, makeup and a changing room.  This is a divided space which also separates out into my office.

Temporary Makeup up Station

The Photography Studio Shoot Space

The third and final space is my shooting area which is roughly 60m2.   This makes it easy to accommodate large groups, ideal for large families or generation shoots.  Coming from a family consisting of five generations myself, I am pretty familiar with how difficult it can be to find a space everyone can fit into!  So, with family being really important to me, having a room of this size was perfect for my photography studio.

Around the studio I have rolls of seamless paper and canvas backgrounds.   Jay and I have painted several canvases, (which may feature in another blog post!) and some of them are shown in the pictures below.  You can also find ladders of various sizes, stools and posing boxes.

Because the space is big, I can have several canvases up at the same time.  This is great, as I can focus more of my time putting my subjects at ease, rather than adjusting my backgrounds and equipment.  My clients can relax and feel confident in what I am doing.  This then translates to comfortable and natural images, which I get many comments on.     


My Studio Shoot Space - RLP
Studio Backdrops


Photography Studio Drop-in

So there you have it! The Studio tour!

If you are in the area any time, feel free to pass by and take a look around.  The studio is open to visitors but a quick call would be useful if you are planning to pop in.  I can then ensure I can spend some time with you when you arrive.

There is a Covid-19 waiver policy available on my website.  I ask that all visitors view it and complete it, at the time of making their booking for a Portrait/Headshot session or planning a visit.  In this age of Covid, I am also engaging in the NHS Test and Trace initiative, so I will ask you to be prepared to validate your home address on arrival and wear your mask in the studio when not being photographed.   Unfortunately, it is the way it is right now, but I do feel it’s important we follow the direction we are given in keeping one another safe.

If you are a couple looking for rings in the Jewellery Quarter and planning for your future wedding, your welcome to pass and say “Hi!”  Why not give me a call let me know when you’re nearby and you can both grab a Nespresso at the Studio and take a load off.  Flick through the wedding albums on display and maybe take a look at my Wedding Photography Collections.   I would be more than happy to discuss any ideas you have or challenges you are having arranging that special day. 

Thanks for virtually passing through and visiting the Studio – I hope to one day see you in person!


Raphael Lionel Photography Certificate of Authenticity Wall Art
The Reveal Wall Outro -RLP Studio
Business Cards and Flyers
One light to the right of Don who is ready for his first shot in the launch shoot

“The Don” 

Headshot of Matt Stone leaning into the camera, face on in a jumper and shirt

Birmingham Headshot – Matt Stone 

Studio Portrait - This is Me Portraits Subject turns to the camera amid a metallic Copper finished backdrop

Studio Portrait Shoot – Lufuidy Paxi 

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