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Geema and Max

Pet Portrait Birmingham

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Families, Modern Portraiture, Pet Photography

This pet portrait shoot was special for Geema.  Little Max has been a part of the family for 11 years and Geema has had him since he was 9 weeks old.  He is a Yochon, which is a  hybrid of the Bichon Frise and the Yorkshire Terrier.  These little crossbreeds are bundles of energy, independent, and extremely loyal which sums Max up. 

A Pet Portrait for Max in the Studio

On entering the studio Max was very inquisitive checking out the spaces and corners.  He seemed to like hiding under my chairs though, which puzzled us and made us laugh.   We weren’t sure if the fact the studio was kitted out with canvases, strobes, and light stands, made it just too busy or strange but he did end up hiding for a bit.  However, once we introduced his treats he livened up and took on that familiar attentive stance Geema is used to seeing.  It made for some excellent shots.

Seeing him licking his lips in anticipation of his favourite treat was a standout for Geema.

Personally, though, I liked the photographs with the both of them, which told the story of their great bond and similarly, a treasured friendship.

Tips for Pet Portraits

Perhaps more popular with an outdoor pet shoot, I found that dropping to the floor and shooting Max at ground level, worked well.  It seems to draw you into the scene as a spectator and give you a perspective into the world at his level.

A great tip to remember and perhaps above all, when shooting pets, have plenty of treats! And I mean, plenty! They really make such a big difference in keeping the dog attentive and obedient.  In real anticipation, the face lights up and the eyes widen in readiness for that little something they love.  It really amps up the image.

In conclusion, you can find out more about keeping Bichon Frise and Terrier Mixes or Bichon Yorkie‘s by following the links.

Two images of Max a BIchon Cross one facing to camera and one in a basket looking off to the right against a brown canvas
Max a Bichon Cross dog, with his two paws up on a brown crate looking attentively to camera
Ngema and Max together for their Pet Portrait shoot against a black background
Ngema and Max in two images, sitting to camera and then standing looking at each other against a black seamless
Ngema and her doggy pal Max, side on portrait looking to the right of the camera
Little Max sits with his paws up on a brown crate and his tongue out waiting for treats
Ngema lies with her head on Maxes stomach as he mirrors her pose
Ngema and Max in a power pose sitting to camera all in black with black boots
Max sists on Ngema's lap as she laughs to camera seated on a red chair
Family Portrait of the Bakers - Studio shoot with Raphael Lionel Photography

The Bakers – Family Portrait 

In a froggy pose little Theo lies with his head in his hands against a fluffy blanket

Introducing Theo  

The Halls - Family Portrait session - Sutton Park - This is Family - Raphael Lionel Photography

The Halls – Family Lifestyle Session

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