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Introducing Theo
Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photoshoot – Little Theo

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Families, Newborns

The Newborn photoshoot for little Theo took place early in the year, just before the original lockdown for Covid-19.  After what was a traumatic introduction into the world little Theo was warmly welcomed into the family!

Being 10 days old he was just on the cusp of ‘still malleable’.  His little hands however, were constantly balling into a fist, which made putting him into a froggy pose really challenging.  Thankfully mom was on hand to help out!

Newborn Photoshoot – In your Living Room

We shot this series of images for Theo in the family home.  If this is something that you are thinking of having, it is important that you give some thought to the room that your planning on using.  Why?  Well, it may have a consequence on the range of images you can have.

  • For instance, how big is it?
  • Is there a window to the room?
  • What time of day will the shoot be and what will the light coming through that window be like? This can be harsh or dim and both can affect a natural light shoot.
  • If the light is harsh, do you have any means of controlling that light, ie, curtains or blinds?
  • What furniture will you take out of the room and what needs to remain?

For me, shooting in your living room means, I will be transporting backdrops and studio flashes, along with a variety of props, from my studio.  That I can tell you, takes a fair bit of energy!  For this shoot, it certainly added to the length of time for the session and the adrenalin was flowing even before we began posing.

I understand totally, however, the appeal for a living room shoot.  Having been through the birth a week or 10 days before, introducing as little stress as possible is good.   For a studio shoot, Mom and Dad would first, have to get everyone ready.  Second, pack nappies and a change bag.  Third, pack a variety of clothes, amidst preparations for feeding at some point.  Then, finally, make that drive to the studio.

Newborn Shoot – A Family Session

Of course, when a newborn comes along there is a real buzz and energy around the family. But, there is often some tired eyes too!  However, these eventually get lost in all the excitement and exclamations of how beautiful and cute, the new addition is.  It’s typically “smiles around!”

If though, there are siblings then that excitement is amplified 10-fold!  It was precisely this way, on this shoot for little Theo, as we were able to get his older sisters in on the action!  We had them positioned for the lay-flat images, while they subsequently had us laughing out loud with their animated expressions and little mischievous antics!

Personally, I like bringing in Mom or Dad, or both!  There is, as a result, a change in perspective through this composition.  Suddenly, the new relationship and status for the family are pulled into focus.  Consequently, that’s “where the story is”.

In short, a newborn shoot can swiftly become a family shoot and a memorable event to look back on.

Enjoy the images and check the shoot video for Theo and his sisters below.


Newborn Baby 0011 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0013 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0014 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0001 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0002 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0007 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0008 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0009 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0010 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0006 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0005 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Newborn Baby 0004 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
FAMILY PORTRAITS 12 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Introducing Malakai
Family Portraits Birmingham0011 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
The Bakers
Newborn Photography 21 - Newborn Photoshoot - Little Theo
Elyanna and Evanna
Portrait of young girl looking direct to camera side lit with cane rowed plaits

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