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"this is ME" - Newborn Photography

Newborn sessions for me are a variance on my “this is ME” and “this is FAMILY” packages.  They offer the chance for you to get some high quality images of your new edition with some props and various back drops.  There is also the opportunity for family members to share in the shoot experience whether yourselves as parents or siblings. As per all my packages, a pre-shoot discussion were we can talk about expectations and shoot props is included.  Sessions can take place either at a clients home or studio, with natural light or studio lights. 
Key things to note with Newborns
The best time to have your session should be within your baby’s first 3 weeks, while they are still a little dozy and love sleeping.  Infants are so small and fragile, it helps, I find, having Mom or Dad on hand to assist with turns and wraps.  Keeping your little one safe is paramount and some poses that you may have seen, aren’t as straight forward to create as you may think.  They take time, patience and care and even then, if your little one is particularly boisterous, it may be that something like the froggy pose is not for them.  Additionally, a little white noise is vital! If you haven’t discovered this as a new parent yet, you will love it
Newborn shoot value
If the shoot goes well, it will give you some images that you will be fond of for years.  Perhaps even, stay within the family for generations.   I have seen many fathers tear up on their daughters wedding day when they recall the first hours or days of their daughter’s life, when they were so small, yet demanded so much in terms of trust, responsibility and love.  My hope is to give you as a parent those images that will enhance those memories, keeping them vivid and clear with physical prints that you can look over as often as you wish.  Session fees start at £65.00  Newborn Infant only, inc 2 x 7×5 prints and shoot time up to 2 hours.     
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EvannaandEly 007fb - Newborn Photography

Evanna and Elyana 

Introducing Malakai 5 - Newborn Photography

Introducing Malakai 

Newborn Photographer 02 - Newborn Photography

Young Caleb 

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As a storytelling wedding photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and love using modern photography to detail personal stories of love, romance, family and friendships.   I am a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a confidante. So I know love, romance, family and friendships.    As your photographer, let me tell YOUR story!

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