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Natural Light Portraits -Alison E | This is ME | Birmingham

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Lifestyle, Modern Portraiture | 0 comments

“Raph..has a fantastic eye for detail for capturing the right mood in all sorts of settings. He made me feel relaxed straight away and I was over the moon at the results of my shoot!”

Alison E

Natural light portrait session Birmingham – Shooting natural light portraits is a definite favourite of mine.  With a few simple props and backgrounds, it’s amazing how many different variations of looks are possible.

Shooting Alison’s “this is ME” – Portrait Session, is a great example of this.  Alison did a fantastic job on her own make-up and arrived ready, if not a little nervous.   We talked through expectations, her likes and dislikes as regards photographs of herself and then I ran through the instructions I use shooting in natural light portraits.  We then looked at the various changes of clothing she had brought.  With a few backgrounds to alternate through, we decided on the best colours to match.  Alison had previously had some photos taken, but it was a number of years ago.   She was great however and we  had some fun and quickly had a good choice of images running through the flow posing routine with natural light.  

How I shoot natural light portraits 

I diffuse the light using various materials and opt to shoot at the brightest parts of the day, or near to, when indoors.  Natural light I think gives a wonderful feel to images, wrapping around the face and body and dropping off into the shadows in a way that differs greatly from strobes.  Of course I am not opposed to studio lights and do shoot with them from time to time.  But for portrait work, natural light is a really strong preference of mine.

Portrait Products that suit Natural Light Images  

After our session I showed Alison the various wall art samples I include in my portrait a-la-cart.  I think this is important to give an idea of the quality of the products and creates an impression for later choices when buying display art.  Acrylic displays and wall mosaics are the most popular wall pieces and understandably so. The acrylics I offer with a metallic finish are really special and an immediate draw when hung on a living room wall.  I also offer the Graphistudio Acrylic Pro pieces which too, are phenomenal for quality.   I do love how natural light and the acrylic finish compliment one another and make a point of this when I demonstrate the samples in person. 

For Alison a few days after our shoot and she was back and ready to view the edited images.  Below is a video I put together to help her view her images in a short time, as they were not printed up in the reveal wall setting I currently use.  For this video I had added an image number so that selecting images to purchase was easy and quick.   With the reveal wall, a smaller selected amount of images are printed and these are the only ones shown.

Feel free to leave a comment below.  If you are interested in a “this is ME” Portrait session for yourself, feel free to contact me for a copy of my investment collections.

this is ME portraits Alison E

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