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Holte School – IPeace and Unicef Films

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Business Promo, Documentary Video, Schools and Education, Short Film | 0 comments

Holte School asked me to shoot an informative film detailing their IPeace Restorative Process.   IPeace is a program developed by Dr Hilary Cremin who is a Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University.  She has researched and taught peace education and conflict resolution among pupils in schools.  Her book Positive Peace In Schools includes references to Holte School and it’s successful adoption of the IPeace program.  This has become a firm component to Holte School’s progam of safeguarding support.

IPeace involves peer mediation, as well as positive parenting and community mediation. It is aimed at addressing discipline and behavioural issues among pupils.  Important to this are the values of collaboration, respect, equality and responsibility.

IPeace Peer Mediators

There are 14 pupils that have been trained as ‘professional peer mediators’ at Holte.  They are heavily involved in resolving conflict among their fellow students.  In order to do this successfully, they have been given industry standard mediation skills through a programme accredited by the College of Mediators.  When leaving school therefore, they will have built up valuable experience and attained life altering counselling skills. 

This short film details how Holte has embraced IPeace, as well as the impact the process has had on pupils, teachers and parents.  Finally there are important points to note, for schools who wish to set up something similar

Watch below as the process is detailed by Lee Farmer, AHT,  Jennie Davis, Deputy AHT and Cherelle Higgs, Year Manager.

uNICEF Rights Respecting School Award

Holte also requested a film detailing their award as a Rights Respecting School.  This centres around schools being safe and inspiring places for children to learn and thrive.   This is a national award that 5000 UK schools are working towards attaining.  Currently 1.6 million children attend a Rights Respecting school in the UK.

Focusing on five out of 54 articles, it was decided that the students at Holte School would have a creative hand in demonstrating how their school met each article.  This is therefore, ‘their film’.

Do you have an exciting school project, that would convert well to film? Or, do you have a business that would benefit from an impact story-telling documentary piece as shown above?  Feel free to contact me if you would like to enquire on how film can be used to tell YOUR story!

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