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Ciara Reed – A Classical Soprano Professional Headshot

Professional Headshot – Ciara Reed

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Business Promo, Headshots, Personal Branding

A professional headshot is so important in the age of social media and the need for an online presence.  Ciara Reed who is a classical Soprano and graduate from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, reached out for some images for just this purpose.

Ciara asked for hair and makeup for her shoot.  But, the Studio hair and makeup station is under construction.  So we took a short walk to Ffions Hair and Beauty Boutique on Kenyon Street.  Ciara knew the style she wanted and was really happy with the results.

Professional Headshot – A great result

Ciara has a lovely nature, is easy-going and a delight to shoot.  Not all of us are comfortable in front of the camera, Ciara however, could relate to being on stage and in front of an audience.  Once she starts singing, the initial nerves disappear.   Similarly, with the shoot, once she got started she was fine.  I had suggesting singing to calm any nerves and missed out on a treat.  I have since heard her and she has a beautiful voice!  You can hear her singing on her site below. 

 With Ciara opting for two wardrobe changes, I chose two complimentary setups.  The first outfit Ciara chose was casual and comfortable.  The second was a black dress she has performed in.

We amended the lighting and Ciara re-did her makeup.  I thought some of the standout images for this session came from this second set.  Additionally, Ciara happily chose some of these images for her site and social media images.  A great result for this headshot session.

That Feel-Good-Factor


In my experience clients worry about feeling comfortable in front of the camera.  I suggest bringing an assortment of outfits that you love and love ‘how you feel’ wearing them.  Additionally, part of my role as a photographer is to put you at ease.  That “feel-good-factor” really does translate in images.

You can find more about Ciara using the links below.  Incidentally, she also teaches and sings in French, German and Italian which is no mean feat!


Professional Headshot of Ciara Reed - classical soprano hand on her hip looking to camera
Ciara Reed - Seated for her professional headshot at Raphael Lionel Photography studio Jewellery Quarter
Ciara Reed - Seated to camera , two images for her professional headshot session
A smiling Ciara Reed - Classical Soprano seated against a white seamless
Against a black seamless Ciara smiles to camera in a black off the shoulder dress
Ciara Reed in various poses for her headshot session against a black background with an overhead light
Ciara Reed for her professional headshot in Birmingham interlocks her fingers as she poses to camera in black on black
Smiling off camera Ciara Reed - looks to the right as during her headshot session. another still has her facing the camera looking directly into the lens
Ciara Reed a graduate from the Royal Conservatoire Birmingham smiles to camera for her professional headshot
Headshot of Matt Stone leaning into the camera, face on in a jumper and shirt
Matt Stone – Birmingham Headshot
Playful antics, as female subject overemphasizes her readiness to camea
Studio Portrait – Lufuidy Paxi
In close, a close up of Don from the Studio Launch session
A Modern Portrait – The Don

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