Family Portraits

Family Portraits provide an opportunity to preserve cherished family moments.  Personally I love thumbing through old family albums.  They fire up so many memories and because of them I have learned about family members and connections in a way that words can’t convey.  Can you relate to that?

Are you a parent who can talk for hours about the different characters of each of your children and the great experiences you have had while their personalities are forming? Are you keen to preserve those memories? Or, is it important to you to capture your grandparents, parents and children in a generation shoot, commemorating your personal heritage?   

If so, “this is FAMILY” are sessions I have devised for YOU!   

Engaging, creative, honest and true storytelling of YOU and YOURS. 



Family Portait Shoot - Lancaster

Environmental Family Portraits

Although I do offer studio sessions, family portraits can be shot anywhere.  Where is the usual go  to place for your family?   Often families are used to going to a park every few months or taking afternoon lunch at a certain location or venue each week or once a month. If it’s what you do, then we should do it!!  This contributes to the shoot maintaining a natural trueness and realistic feel as opposed to a staged or forced setup.

I feel it is important to ensure the shoot is an authentic portrayal of ‘your family’.  Wherever we go, it is a must that the kids are involved, engaged and entertained!  Their reactions help to create moments that you as mum, dad and even grandparents will love!


"this is FAMILY" features

A brief discussion before the day can allow for some planning and a short feature storyboard to be drawn up.  I find this gives everyone direction and reason for what they are doing.

Family Portraits in the studio start at £195 for any size family and includes a pre-shoot consultation, various wardrobe changes and a reveal and design session at a later date.  You may choose between three 7×10 matted prints and their respective Jpegs or five edited Jpegs from your session to be included in your session fee.  Additionally, you may select a collection of images and prints that best fits the story for your family. Handmade Italian Leather products can house your chosen matted prints, preserving images in a way that you will love and cherish, always.  Additionally, lots of great big wall art can be purchased to line the walls of the family home.  Payment plans are available.  Environmental Portraits are also on offer.

Family Portraits Examples

The Halls - Family Portrait session - Sutton Park - This is Family - Raphael Lionel Photography

Sutton Park Family Shoot – The Halls

Family Lifestyle Session 

Little Newborn Girl posing on a pink blanke

Newborn Posing- Elyanna and Evanna .

Home Studio Family Portraits - A great family portrait with smiles and laughter - raphael lionel photography

Family Portrait Shoot – The Massasus

family portrait - young Malachi alert to the camera - raphael lionel photography

Newborn Session – Introducing Malakai

Family Portrait of the Bakers - Studio shoot with Raphael Lionel Photography

Family Portrait Shoot – The Bakers 

Let me tell your story!

As a Birmingham Portrait Photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and telling personal stories.   If this is important to you, I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to contact me on the button below or if you are in the Jewellery Quarter, let me know and perhaps you can pop in for a coffee and chat!


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