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Family Portrait Shoot

The Bakers

Family Portrait Shoot – The Bakers

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Families, Modern Portraiture

The family portrait shoot for the Bakers was the first family session that I had in the new studio.

The Bakers had not had a professional shoot together before and looked forward to having some commemorative images for the family.  I suggested a number of wardrobe changes to compose different looks and they chose three, two smart and one casual.  Poor Cairo realised he had left his casual trousers at home!  But we managed to disguise this with some strategic posing!

I use triangles to pose groups and this was really effective in the casual images against the white seamless.   Theon being the littlest family member took station on the floor at the front, while Mom and Dad sat on the white studio boxes and Shiloh and Cairo filled in and around.  A white seamless is sometimes seen as a boring backdrop, but I love it and feel it can really lead to some strong, powerful images if the composition and posing is right, as demonstrated.


Keeping up the energy in a family portrait shoot

Moving onto smaller groups, Keisha and Jon made use of their dedicated shoot time and producing some stylish portraits with character and poise.  The three boys then had a medley of setups and an assortment with their individual parents.

Everyone enjoyed this shoot.  Keisha and Jon’s natural comfortability with each other to the fore.  The boys laughed and joked as they took their positions.  I was conscious about keeping the boys engaged and energised.  I had them pose themselves for a few shots which was really entertaining!  We even had a funny face-pulling competition in the middle of a wardrobe change!  Time therefore flew.

Using various studio props/furniture contributed to the array of images.  The final composite was dramatic in that it captured the inherited features of each child from their parents and will last as a great keepsake.  In my opinion,  every family should have one!

If you wish to enquire about a family shoot for your family, do not hesitate to reach out via my portraits enquiry page.

A set Family Portrait setup for the Baker family in a 5 point arrangement
An array of images for the Bakers, the first of Mom and Dad and the second of the three boys arranged with mood.
Family Portrait of the Bakers - Studio shoot with Raphael Lionel Photography b
Mom and Daddy Baker alone having fun, dressed to impress in the family portrait shoot
Keisha and Jon Baker stand side by side looking at each other against a black seamless
The Bakers huddle for their husband and wife portrait - Raphael Lionel Photography
Husband and Wife close up for the Baker family portrait shoot,
The youngest Baker boy poses to camera against a distressed ladder in braces and a bowtie
Two of the Baker boys sit with faces to camera against a black seamless
Mommy's little protectors - the boys surround their mother in a defensive arrangement family portrait
A daddy and two of his boys over two images, standing against a black seamless for a family portrait shoot at raphael lionel photography studios
A stush family portrait shoot with a styled background of ladders and reels
A final image of the Bakers in a side on composite for the family portrait shoot
Family portraits - A family of four naturally walk and talk though Sutton Park
Sutton Park Family Lifestyle Session
Introducing Malakai baby photography - 14

Introducing Malakai

Outdoor family session

Family Lifestyle Session

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