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Engagement Shoot | Sutton Park | Amy and Aaron

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Couples Portraits, Engagements | 0 comments

Amy and Aaron have been together for 5 years and got engaged in October  last year.   Planning their wedding they hoped to have some quality images to use on their invitations.  We had a great time capturing them!

Engagement Shoot | Sutton Park 

Amy and Aaron’s engagement shoot took place during a spell of heavy snow in March.  We had identified Sutton Park as the shoot location, both choosing ‘Woodlands and Lakes’ as their preferred setting.  I had the trees of Westwood Coppice in mind and was looking forward to seeing how the park looked with the snowy carpet.  It did not disappoint! 

Photo’s over the heathland were perfect and I loved Amy and Aaron’s natural interaction.  There was plenty of laughter which I love to see on these engagement shoots.  We must have been making a bit of noise as more then once we had some inquisitive dogs come over to check us out, while their owners looked on at a distance.

As the cold started to set in, we went for the final setup in the woods and tried to simulate some snow fall by shaking the trees overhead.  I was perhaps a little vigorous with the shaking but you can see the effect in our video .gif!   I think the moment Amy had some snow fall into her eye though, has to be the highlight!  

Engagement Shoots – “this is US” 

For more on shoots in Sutton Park check my blog.   For “this is US” shoots, Pre-wedding,  Engagement or Anniversaries see my couples portraits page. 

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