Couples Portraits

Couples Portraits are great fun and a fantastic way to chart your love story.

Is there something to commemorate in your relationship? Have you just got engaged? Are you celebrating an anniversary? Are you expecting a child and excitedly preparing for that life-altering change?  Have you bought a house or moved to a new area?  New chapters, and new events, all contribute to YOUR story as a couple.

All couples are two individual personalities coming together as one.  As no two people are the same, no couple is either. Being unique, you have your own vibe – your own ‘thing’.  The way you interact, the way you converse, the way you banter.. it’s unique to you.   They are things you will see in the images I provide for you. I want you to say, “this is US!”

Having a storytelling aspect to the shoot is useful.  Shooting in a place special to both of you can help with that personal narrative.

Couples Portraits start at £195 for a studio session.  Matted prints, museum-style mega size, and real Italian Leather folio boxes are the ideal way to preserve these images and various options are available.


Couples Portraits - Examples

Abigail and Oscar

A couple have fun in the snow in a winter scene at Sutton Park for Couples Portraits

Amy and Aaron

Charlotte and Andrew 

Liam and Estrianna 

Shak and Hannah

Let me tell your story!

As a Birmingham Portrait Photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and telling personal stories. If this is important to you, I would love to hear from you!

 Feel free to contact me on the button below or if you are in the Jewellery Quarter, let me know and perhaps you can pop in for a coffee and chat!

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