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The Wedding of
Jadon and Anjana

A Black Country Wedding for Jadon and Anjana

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Summer Weddings, Weddings | 0 comments

A Black Country wedding for Jadon and Anjana was a fitting testimony to their young love story.  Much to the delight of their family and friends, this day was full of emotion, excitement, and elegance.

Anjana looked amazing as she walked through the doors of the hall, and as a result, Jadon was suitably moved.  The tears soon disappeared, however, as the couple relaxed, and laughed through the wedding sermon.  After the ceremony, the announcement of their being husband and wife, brought smiles to the faces of all in attendance, and then the hugging began! 

Photographs in the Black Country

The Priory Ruins were an ideal choice for the photographs.  Jadon and Anjana were both, fantastically easy to shoot.  They were relaxed and engaged, which made for some amazing shots.  Subsequently, we took some beautiful images together, making good use of the variety of locations in the park.

Jadon’s parents asked for a photograph in the exact spot they had taken their wedding photos years ago.  This was under the arch of the priory itself.  Undoubtedly, this helped to cement the ruins as a fitting location for Jadon and Anjana for their photographs.

The wedding breakfast at the Worfield Village Hall in Bridgnorth was wonderfully decorated and the food was abundant!  As the speeches were given, more tears began to flow.  Both recovered well however to provide some light-hearted relief cutting the cake.  Rounding the evening off, all took to the dancefloor.  I took the couple outside for some creative shots against a full moon.   It completed a wonderful wedding day. 

Enjoy the memories in the video below! 




The Bride and Groom post at the Priory Ruins Dudley
Backlit silhouette of the bride and groom
The Bride and Groom at the wedding Breakfast, The Belfry Hotel spring wedding

Shane and Georgia

The bride and Groom on the steps of Whitely Court overlooking the fountain and gardens

Andrew and Jane

The happy newlyweds at the Dudley Registry Office

Adrian and Sharon

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