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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Wedding
Jeff and Najma – A Romantic Wedding

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery – Jeff and Najma

Jan 19, 2019 | Weddings | 0 comments

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery began hiring out it’s venue for weddings earlier in the year.  They have some great packages and are well worth looking into.  Jeff and Najma were two of the first couples to experience what was a romantic wedding, set in the old Victorian grade II listed building, in the heart of Birmingham.  

This was the day of the Walima, the marriage banquet which includes the civil ceremony.  The traditional marriage had taken place weeks earlier.  The bride tribe excitedly came together in the morning to get ready.  Najma has some great friendships stemming through her Uni years and back to her childhood. The morning was filled with laughter and excitement. Kerry Baines did a great job with Najma’s makeup and hair.  Najma’s wedding dress was mint and gold and wonderfully detailed. It was also deceptively heavy! Consequently, it was no surprise that the bride changed after the wedding breakfast in the evening.


Birmingham Museum a unique location


What was it like using the Museum as a wedding venue? Well, it has many great halls and rooms that give the wedding day a variety of locations. 

Firstly, the vows were held in the Waterhall at the Birmingham Art Gallery, a bright and airy room which can hold up to 200 guests.  Six fluted iron Corinthian columns feature through the room and light is let in through adjustable solar louvres and blinds.  As a result, this gave a great classic feel to the room especially with the modern art hung on the walls.  While the Unity String Quartet played, Najma made an entrance with her mother and step-father either side.  It was a special moment with rose petals lining the red carpet which led to her groom. After a ceremony with personal vows read aloud, photographs were taken among the contemporary art.

Subsequently, the couple arranged to be taken into the Gas Hall for some personal time with “Dippy” the Diplodocus! This brilliant 70 feet, 292-piece skeleton cast of a jurassic superstar is enormous!  Jeff as it turned out is quite the history buff and loves dinosaurs.  It was therefore, the perfect venue and the perfect time for the wedding.  Dippy was only on exhibition for a few months in Birmingham.  On loan from the Natural History Museum. I’m, pretty sure they must be one of only a few couples who have had a dinosaur in their wedding pictures!

After that, the wedding banquet was held in the Industrial Gallery which is large and spacious.  Finally, after the speeches and a few informal conversations with the guests, the Edwardian Tea Room was opened.  Here there was a dance floor and plenty of seating.  The cake on display, made by Kimmie’s kitchen, looked amazing and this was cut to flashes of cameras and phones.  Jeff and Najma then treated all to a special dance, surprising guests with a ball-room sequence that would not have looked out of place on Strictly!  Who knows, maybe a future venture for this couple?!?!


A wedding in the centre of Birmingham, in a Museum?


In conclusion, I really enjoyed shooting at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.   The classic feel to the rooms, make great backdrops for a wedding.  I was second shooting here, but I would have really loved to have ran around in advance and added one or two locations for the portraits, as there appeared to be so many. 

With the Museum being in the city centre some may think that parking is a concern.  However, there is a secure car park which is manned at all times. It can be used as part of the wedding package and I think is a valuable addition.

I think the notion of using old artifacts, relics and historical pieces as the setting for crafting new experiences and personal milestones is genius.  It keeps museums and art galleries current without compromising their value.  I recommend couples give this serious consideration as the rooms and halls are wonderfully unique.  


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Wedding Photos

 Are you planning a city wedding in Birmingham or beyond?  Contact me for more information. 

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