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Introducing Malakai
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Newborn Baby Photography Birmingham – Introducing Malakai

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Families, Lifestyle, Modern Portraiture, Newborns | 0 comments

The photos are amazing! You did a great job capturing Malakai.  Thanks so much!

We had a great Newborn Baby Photography session for the Smiths back in June, introducing little Malakai!  Such a lovely, cute and happy little man!  

After a long drive in to Birmingham, he was a little under the weather to begin with.  But having had a feed and some rest he really perked up and quickly reverted to his usual smiling and active self.  He was then full of expressions and kicked his legs ultra fast, as he reacted to his parents gentle sweet talk.  It was good for me snapping him, with his open mouth and wide eyes! 

Being friends with the Smiths for many years it was a real privilege to shoot the new edition.  We had some surprises too, as usually is the way with Family and Newborn baby photography sessions.  We placed little Malakai on his front and he raised himself up, which Mom and Dad hadn’t seen him do before!  This was really nice to witness and fortunately I caught him in full extension!

I do love these sessions as I feel they are official markers for the way family dynamics change, how families grow and they capture wonderfully the affection family members share. As a photographer it’s a real privilege to be a part of it. It’s even more so, when you get to shoot friends and long time acquaintances.

Baby Photography Video Slideshow



Below are a few images from the session and the video slideshow I use to accompany my portrait sessions. This helps ones to get an overview of the images taken and at times I add numbers to the images so one’s can easily select the image for their album or prints.  I use Triplescoop music for my music licensing and love the music used here.

You can see my slideshows on Vimeo or Youtube.

If you want to reserve a FAMILY or Newborn Photography session for your little one please reach out to me via my Portrait Contact Form.

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