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The Wedding of
Arthur and Jessica 

A London Wedding for Arthur and Jessica

by | May 14, 2023 | Summer Weddings, Weddings | 0 comments

A London Wedding always has the potential for a little something special with its history, culture, and landmarks.  For Arthur and Jessica however, there was nothing needed, more than the two of them and their guests. 

Family and friends came together from great distances,  to celebrate and share in the love and joy of the newlyweds. 

An Emotive London Wedding 

The afternoon began with an emotional ceremony at the Lambeth Registry Office.  Jessica looked stunning in her white dress and Arthur donned a stylish dark blue velvet jacket.  As the bride walked in,  tears flowed from Arthur’s eyes, but they were soon replaced with laughter and wide smiles, as the couple settled into the reality of the ceremony.

Despite the rain and overcast sky, Ruskin Park provided a nice backdrop for group photographs. Everyone was engaged, happy to wait, and ready to participate in the photo session.  The wisteria walkway was a great feature for the bride and groom portraits.  We managed to shoot a few setups as the group made their way to the restaurant.

London traffic caused delays, but we eventually arrived at the Soiree Restaurant,  which was warmly lit and nicely decorated.  Heartfelt speeches evoked tears and happy laughter.  The cake was cut and the couple shared their first dance before the venue filled with Portuguese songs and afro-beats to close out the evening.

In conclusion,  Arthur and Jessica’s love was celebrated on this memorable day. The Soiree provided the perfect intimate and atmospheric venue for the occasion, and this London wedding was filled with love, happiness, and emotion, marking the first of many happy days to come.



Happy Shot of the bride and groom at Ruskin Park
A Beautiful Bride arrives for her vows with her flowers
The Bride and Groom at the wedding Breakfast, The Belfry Hotel spring wedding

Shane and Georgia

A wonderful shot of the bride and groom walking among the ruins of priory park

Jadon and Anjana 

The happy newlyweds at the Dudley Registry Office

Adrian and Sharon

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