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Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Let Me Tell Your Story!!

I am a Birmingham Wedding Photographer specialising in capturing wedding and portrait narratives.  As a photographer of people, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and use modern photography to detail personal stories. These include love, romance, family and friendships.

My style is natural, relaxed and unobtrusive.  This helps me to document emotive images that naturally occur and speak honestly.  I do however, bring my humour with me.. so prepare to laugh out loud and show some teeth!  I document everything!

I am a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a confidante.  I  love these roles. They.. are me.  So I know love, romance, family and friendship.  I also know photography.

Let me be ‘your photographer’..I will tell YOUR story!

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This is one day,... that can shape your life forever..

Wedding Photography“The VOW”

The excitement and high emotion among the bridal party, family and friends, weave wonderful unique threads into your personal story as the  wedding day unfolds.  I strive to record the ‘expected’ and capture the ‘unexpected’, giving a complete narrative of memories in lovely modern  Young Book wedding albums from Graphistudio.

Although based in Birmingham as a wedding photographer I do travel the UK.  In fact, being in the Midlands does have it’s advantages for going north or south. Indeed, wherever your wedding takes place, my coverage is consistent and attentive.

There will be nerves, smiles, hugs, tears, laughs, kisses, greetings and goodbyes.  As one phase of life ends withthe VOW a new one begins.  Let me document it for you.  I love shooting weddings!

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Individual Portraits – “this is ME

I really enjoy shooting portraits.  It is a genuine celebration of diversity and allows individual beauty, room for expression.   We are all different and we all have a story to tell.

Portraiture can be used to demonstrate growth, maturity and an acceptance of self. It can also chart our history as we move on from one experience to another,  as we embrace change after challenge, as we recover, as we emerge with confidence or simply as we age. 


Couples Portraits – “this is US”

So many couples tell me in conversation that they haven’t got any pictures of just them together!  My solution.. book me!

My “this is US package is for couples.  Perhaps you have just got engaged, are celebrating an anniversary, expecting a child or simply wish to commemorate the time that you have been together.  My work as a Portrait Photographer focuses in on capturing the trust, happiness and security that comes with a loving relationship.

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Family Portraits – “this is FAMILY”

Lifestyle photography has really come into its own since the availability of  smartphones.   Candid shots of people and their day to day activities litter social media.

I see ‘real’ lifestyle photography as the story of the family, the diverse mixture of different personalities under one roof or aligned with one name.  Lifestyle photography, “this is FAMILY, is a collection of real people in real love and the interaction of ones in real relationships doing what they normally do.



Wedding Photography - "the VOW"

Let me tell your story!

As a storytelling wedding photographer, I have a genuine interest in the lives of others and I love using modern photography to detail personal stories of love, romance, family and friendships.

I am a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a confidante. So I know love, romance, family and friendship. 


As your photographer, let me tell YOUR story!

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